Best Practice Guidelines

Guided by our mission and pillars of success to provide the best possible resident experience UniversalCare partnered with Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) and embarked on our journey to becoming the first ever BPSO Host Long-Term Care Specialty in September 2021.

What is a BPSO?

The Best Practice Spotlight Organization® (BPSO®) designation is a longstanding knowledge translation strategy that helps optimize health outcomes at the individual, organizational and health system levels. This program gives health service and academic organizations the opportunity to formally partner with RNAO – or an approved “Host” organization – to achieve “designation” as a BPSO. The BPSO designation can then be renewed every two years after meeting specific deliverables.

This internationally-renowned program’s strategic approach has been proven to trigger evidence-based cultures, improve patient experience and health outcomes, lower cost of care by preventing complications, and enrich staff satisfaction. Link for more information

BPSO Host Model

The RNAO BPSO Host Model is a feature of the national/international BPSO program. A BPSO Host Organization enters into a formal agreement with RNAO to oversee the RNAO BPSO program in the country or region where it is located. The BPSO Host is responsible for all aspects of the BPSO program from selecting the BPSO organizations interested in becoming BPSOs to reporting progress back to RNAO. Generally, the BPSO Host acts as the liaison between RNAO and the BPSOs in the specific country or region. As the service and/or academic organizations become BPSOs, to implement, disseminate and evaluate RNAO best practice guidelines, the BPSO Host provides support by monitoring through regular meetings and reporting processes. The BPSO Host then reports to the RNAO with updates from the BPSOs as well as an overview of successes, challenges, questions and issues of the BPSO program in that country or region.

UniversalCare BPSO Directs:

Cohort A Pre-designation Period 2021-2024 – Full Designation 2025

Cohort B Pre-designation Period 2024-2027 – Full Designation 2028

All UniversalCare LTC BPSO Direct homes implementing guidelines at the same time using unique standardized approach designed by UniversalCare BPSO Host Team.

Standardized approach includes education of evidence in best practice guidelines, gap analysis with all homes together, homes specific gap and action plans created with BPSO Host Coaches

NQUIRE Reporting requirements in line with monthly QIA data reporting in PCC

BPGS Implemented

Guidelines implemented across UniversalCare BPSO -Directs Long Term Care Homes between 2021-2022:

  • Person and Family Centred Care
  • Assessment and Management of Pain
  • Promoting Safety: Alternative Approaches to the Use of Restraints
  • Delirium, Dementia and Depression in Older Adults: Assessment and Care

Guidelines implemented across UniversalCare BPSO -Directs Long Term Care Homes between 2022-2023:

  • A Palliative Approach to Care in the Last 12 months of Life
  • End of Life Care During the Last Days and Hours

Currently implementing one additional guideline:

  • Preventing Falls and Reducing Injuries from Falls