Policy & Procedures

Parties & Celebrations

The Collingwood Nursing Home encourages family and other personal celebrations. We will endeavour to provide a room for personal parties, such as Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries or private visits with advanced notice. The use of candles are restricted to certain areas due to fire safety hazards. There are smoke and heat detectors throughout the Nursing Home. If you are planning to use candles, or any device which may activate our fire alarm, please inform us prior to the event.

Gifts to Employees

Most long term care homes have policies (standards of conduct) that prohibit employees from accepting gifts or tips. This is for the sole purpose of ensuring our residents and their families that quality of care is in no way influenced by gift giving. Our standards are not intended to stop appreciative family or residents from giving a gift that can be enjoyed by all employees. Please consider this if you wish to give a gift. We all work as a team in all aspects of care.


The Collingwood Nursing Home routinely has new projects to improve the quality of life for our residents. We are grateful to accept donations that would benefit our residents. Please speak with the Administration Department regarding donations, as you wish. The residents, staff, volunteers and management would like to thank you in advance for any support that you may wish to offer.

Leave of Absence

1) Casual

A Long Term Care resident is entitled to 2 (two) casual days per week. A week constitutes from Sunday to Saturday.

2) Medical Leave of Absence

Medical Leave covers a period for up to 30 days. Once eligible, an individual may enter the hospital any number of times throughout the year and the program will continue to pay the government portion of the fees, up to 30 days from the date of each hospital admission.

3) Psychiatric Leave

A resident’s Attending Physician is required. A resident’s bed will be held up to 60 days.

4) Vacation

Every resident is entitled to a 21 day vacation per calender year, from January 1st to December 31st. A leave of absence for vacation purposes, can be combined as a casual leave of absence days, in order to take a longer vacation period. Vacations cannot be saved or added to the next year.

Longer periods of vacation, medical or psychiatric leave are permitted for up to an additional 30 days, if the resident agrees in writing to pay for the Government portion of the fees and the resident co-payment portion to hold the bed. Bed holding arrangements can be made closer to the actual bed holding date.

Notification of Next-of-Kin/Substitute Decision-Maker or Representative

Name and phone numbers of the next-of-kin, substitute decision maker or representative, are listed on the front of every resident’s chart. Every reasonable effort is made to notify these persons in the event of a resident injury, change in resident status, or other needs. To ensure that staff time is used efficiently, we ask that one person is a primary contact person. Please ensure that contact details, such as telephone numbers are kept up to date.


Residents should make arrangements for the safekeeping of valuables prior to admission. The keeping of valuables in a resident’s room is strongly discouraged, as we cannot be responsible for the loss, damage or theft of personal property. We recommend that any pocket money be deposited into their Trust Account, held at the Home.

Personal Belongings (If a resident passes away, is transferred or discharged)

We do not have storage room or the capacity to store personal belongings. If personal belongings are left in a room that is no longer occupied, the Admission Contract is still in enforced and regular Room & Board fees will be applied. Please note that residents wanting admission, cannot be admitted until the room is vacant.


Visitor Code of Conduct

Collingwood Nursing Home is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment to everyone who enters our doors. To ensure this, we ask that you abide by the visitor guidelines that are outlined in our Resident and Family Handbook.

Prohibited Actions

Failure to follow direction of Charge Personnel in the home:  All visitors must comply with instructions and directions provided to them by the charge personnel in the home.  The charge personnel are responsible for implementing the guidelines as outlined in the Resident and Family Handbook.  Failure to follow the polices as outlined by the staff may result in the visitor being asked to leave the facility.  Repeated non-compliance will result in loss of visiting privileges.

Threatening Behavior: No disruptive, threatening or violent behavior, including the use of obscene language or gestures.

Eating Food Provided for Residents: Taking food from a resident or the snack carts is not allowed. The home must monitor resident food and fluid intake and our food budget does not allow for supplying food/drinks to visitors.

Tobacco Use: Do not smoke or use tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, anywhere except in designated smoking areas outside of the hospital.

Banned Items: Alcohol, drugs and weapons are strictly prohibited.

Thank you for your cooperation. Those who do not comply will be asked to leave the nursing home. In addition, non-compliant visitors may lose visiting privileges.

Our facility currently has an established concern and complaint procedure which I have attached for your review.  We are hopeful that all family members would not hesitate to raise any issues in a respectful manner according to this process.  While we understand that concerns regarding a loved one can be very emotional, it is imperative that all concerns are raised in an appropriate and productive manner.  This will enable us to ensure that all concerns can be dealt with properly.

 Please rest assured that we wish to hear all of your concerns and issues as they arise. Please forward your concerns as soon as they occur as outlined in our concern policy.   We cannot accept harassing or violent behaviours towards our staff from any source.  This would include such things as screaming, yelling, insulting, and issuing threatening comments or actions towards any staff member of the facility AT ANY TIME OR FOR ANY REASON.

Failure to comply with the stated policies of the home and/or any of the above stated code of conduct will result in further action by the home.