Extra Services

The Collingwood Nursing Home takes pride in offering our residents quality hair care services. Services from our Hair Stylist are available on a regular basis. Charges for these services are incurred by the resident as an uninsured service.

Family & Personal

Hair Services:

Contact Linda at 705-446-4248 to arrange the choice of service and frequency of hair services.

Chiropody/Foot care

Contact the home for details. This is typically arranged upon admission.


Physiotherapy is provided within our home based on residents assessed needs.  There is no cost to our residents.

Transportation to Hospital, Doctor’s Appointments or other Services

Any resident may request an Ambulance, Patient Transportation Service or Taxi. Costs for transportation services are incurred by the resident.

Family and friends are an integral part of our Residents life, at the Collingwood Nursing Home. You are always welcome to participate in events, come often and enjoy!
A private meeting room is available for resident and family functions. (birthdays, holidays, privacy, etc.) Please contact Bev Cloutier, Activity Director to arrange booked space 705-445-3991, ext 225.