Laundry Services

Please ensure ALL clothes brought into the nursing home is taken to the nurses station for labelling and not in the residents room.  We have specific codes that are used to identify each clothing item to the resident.

Care of Personal Clothes

We label clothing items as all clothes need to be properly identified prior to placing the items in the resident’s closet.

1. Our service includes washing of all bedding; sheets; pads; and personal clothing. There is no fee for this service. We outsource our laundry and have a 24 hour turn around time. We label all resident’s personal clothing.

2. Resident clothing requiring special care such as dry cleaning or hand washing, is the responsibility of the family. If a resident is to have clothing that requires special care, the resident or family must provide a laundry hamper in the resident’s room. These items will be left in the hamper for the family to attend to. Please ensure that when bringing in clothing items, only a reasonable amount of clothing is brought into the Home. Ensure that the clothes are items currently worn by the resident. Reviewing the quality of clothes is the responsibility of a family member and should be monitored every few months, so that worn items can be removed and replaced.

Many seniors now enjoy wearing warm, comfortable jogging suits which wash well and look good.

We provide the following items:

* Brush and comb (or hair pick) * Toothbrush * Toothpaste
* Mouthwash * Deodorant * Disposable razor blades
* Denture cup & cleaners * Skin lotions * Hobby crafts

The following are suggestions for clothing needed in our Home (incontinent residents may require additional supplies):


 4 pairs of pajamas  1 bathrobe
 2 pairs of washable slippers  1 pair of walking shoes
 6 pairs of washable pants  4 shirts
 3 washable sweaters  4 T-Shirts or undershirts
 6 pairs of underwear  6 pairs of socks
 2 belts or suspenders  2 seasonal outdoor wear


 4 washable dresses  2 slips
 6 pairs of underwear  4 (under) vests
 3 washable sweaters or shawls  3 bras (if worn)
 4 pairs of stockings  4 pairs of ankle socks (if worn)
 4 pairs of pyjamas/nightgowns  1 housecoats
 2 pairs washable slippers  1 pair walking shoes
 1 purse (if desired)  2 seasonal outdoor wear

Note 1:

When bringing in additional or new clothing items, please ensure that the items are taken to the nurses station for labelling prior to being placed into the circulation of the Home.

Note 2:

We can only handle “wash ‘n wear” clothing. We will not be responsible for the care or washing of materials that may be sensitive to shrinkage or any other special washing/drying needs.