Resident Rooms

Resident Rooms

Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is provided for each resident, and is used to notify family members of any items that the resident may require such as new clothing or other personal care items.

Electrical Appliances / Equipment

If electrical appliances are brought in, such as an electric shaver, television, or radio, the equipment must be checked by the Maintenance Supervisor at the Home for the safety of its use. Such appliances should be labelled with the C.S.A., ULC or Ontario Hydro label on the appliance.


Residents are encouraged to bring in a favourite chair, comforter, lamp, an Afghan blanket and/or pictures to make their room more home like, personal and comfortable. For safety and appearance reasons, please consult with the Charge Nurse before hanging pictures or re-arranging furniture.

Telephone / Cable T.V. Services

The Collingwood Nursing Home has equipped all rooms to provide individual telephone and cable T.V. service. If a resident would like these services, they should make arrangements through the telephone/cable company.